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Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Sometimes I get stuck in this rut of believing I have nothing to write about. I skim over my life and I believe no event is worth exploring on paper. Then I remember the simple things. Like friendship.

How necessary it is, yet how painful friendships can be. The heartbreak of life creating a new path for you that leaves a friend behind is like a fork in the road. Right now I think about the years I have left to live and I realize that there will be friends left behind, but also I wonder about the friends I have yet to meet.

What are their names?

How will we meet?

I’ve always been a person with only a few friends. But the ones I keep are quality. The real deal. I didn’t belong to a group in school. I just had the one best friend. The problem with the one best friend is losing them.

They move. You get a new job. They stop attending the class you went to together. You had a baby. They had a baby. They get married. You get divorced.

All these things have happened to friendships. Yet, sometimes you reconnect and you pick back up where you left off, but not like nothing ever happened because so much has happened. Life has been lived and taken away — thus, so much has happened.

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