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There's a lot of information about how to eat right on the internet! If it feels overwhelming to you, you're not the only one. In this eBook, Brittney outlines the key points and strategies she found most useful in her 8 years of working with clients toward their weight loss goals. Maybe you are looking to maintain your weight or are just unsure of how to make adjustments around your athletic endeavors. This book will get you started, without having to pay a coach. 


What's inside: 

  • Macronutrient basics 
  • Steps to get started 
  • How to build your plate intuitively 
  • How to make adjustments when you aren't seeing progress 
  • Various ways to track progress 
  • Lean protein and carbohydrate options 
  • What's most important for weight loss vs. overall health? 
  • Athlete's beginner nutrition guide
  • Pre and post-workout meal tips 
  • Intra-workout food options 


This book is an excellent tool to use in conjunction to your training. It doesn't have you counting calories or macros and can be used to teach good nutrition habits to the entire family!



Be Well Studio Nutrition Blueprint

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