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Citrus Fruits

“Working with Angie has had an enormous impact on my life. I have learnt so much about basic nutrition and what balance of food best suits me in building a foundation for wellness along with exercise and sleep. I have appreciated Angie’s individualized approach, helping me create a plan that works for me and my family, with our particular circumstances and demands. Understanding the importance of balancing macros and the macro make up of foods has given me a sustainable and baseline nutritional plan that acts as a scaffold for my food planning, and the confidence to accommodate abs enjoy moderate deviations (such as meals out or weekends away) knowing what to come back to.

Weekly meetings and accountability certainly helps with sticking to and understanding the plan and establishing the benefits sufficiently to internalize the desire to live well.

Angie is passionate about her own wellness and supporting her clients into finding their personal wellness through healthy and balanced nutrition, exercise and rest. Her knowledge of functional nutrition is excellent and she is generous in sharing her skills. Mostly she cares deeply about her clients, and living fully.

I recommend working with Angie to anyone who wants to establish a new habit of living well for themselves”

In Gratitude, Respect and Love,

Nicki Ebel

Citrus Fruits

Two years ago I signed up with Be Well Studio to help get my health and life back on track. After stalking Be Well Studio (BWS), and Kelcey over the course for almost a year, I decided to finally reach out and see what BWS could do to help me find myself. When I finally decided to meet with Angie I was ready to start my journey to health. I still approached cautiously because I was scared about the unknown and failure…mostly the failure. I knew what was ahead of me would be hard, like really hard and I didn’t want to disappoint myself.


At my consultation with Angie there was comfort in finding out that I was not alone, that the coaches knew the trials and tribulations of health and wellness as they were in a version of my shoes when they started their journey. The information provided at that consultation let me know I wasn’t going to be doing this alone and that gave me the push I needed to sign up. In the two years since my consultation with Angie, I have learned I can do hard things, like the really hard things. I learned that I had the best support system that continually met my needs no matter the season I was in that included all the coaches at BWS.


Angie taught me about how to navigate the hard stuff, the food stuff, and the stuff stuff…She taught me the benefits of nutrition, how to use food to benefit my body. She helped me learn to work with and manage my emotional eating, and as an added benefit measuring fat loss in butter was pretty helpful too. She encouraged me, gave me constructive criticism when I needed it, and at times flat out called me out on some of my habits (eating Poptarts for breakfast). She has been the perfect balance of nurture when I needed it, and dose of reality when I needed it. That balance helped me stay engaged and meet the goal I set out to accomplish…being healthy.


Not once in this journey did I think about quitting, and strangely somehow I knew it was time to hang up the hat on my weekly meetings and weigh ins. I knew I had accomplished by goal of measurable good health, that I was active, and that after two years, I would be able to confidently manage without that weekly accountability check. Thank you Angie for helping me become healthier, happier, and more active. It is almost like those all go hand in hand. I appreciate the love and support that I was given and continue to receive from you. I look forward to where I will go from here!

Mandi Collins

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