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10 Personal Commandments, Revisited!

Back in 2018, I generated a list of my 10 personal commandments. These were a combination of quotes I strived to live by, reminders that helped me live the life I wanted, and ideas that made me feel grounded. They have been hanging in my office since Angie gifted me a nice sign with them on it.

One day recently while reading them, I felt like many of them didn’t really fit anymore. People change, it’s inevitable. I believe once we accept that, we are better off. It’s easy to look at something I used to do and feel bad for no longer doing it. My life made massive shifts in the last 3 years. There’s very little I do the same each day now that I did in 2018. My job is different. My house is different. My family looks different. My partner is different. And my goals are much different. When I see my list of 10 commandments, I see how clearly, I have changed.

You will find the original below in BOLD.

(Another note, I adapted these from Gretchen Rubin. At this time when I took her quiz, I was an upholder. Last year when I retook it, I was a rebel. You might be able to tell when you look at my notes below)

Honor Routine. Accept that routine will change, accept that the new routine may be no routine at all.

Eat in color. Eat what feels good in the moment, no matter the color.

Move in the morning. Or just move. Know you will feel good no matter when you move, each day.

Be Bendy. Being bendy is what has allowed all these commandments to shift.

It’s easier to keep up than to catch up. And trust that sometimes it’s easier to catch up when pressure is applied.

Make yourself proud. And be okay with doing the minimum when the minimum is what you’re willing to give.

Eat sitting down. End of story, no change.

Take a break, be productive. Until you’ve taken too many breaks. Then just be productive!

Food doesn’t make you less tired. And sometimes food does make you less tired.

Give yourself grace—end of story.

A list of new commandments I would add:

Embrace the uncertainty.

Be present.

Be the fun.

Live now, not later.

Have you ever made contemplated a list for yourself?

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