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2 Weeks, 12 Weeks, 24 Weeks To Go!

We made it through what I knew would be a challenging week of training, completing our 20-mile run today. We have 2 Saturdays now until our marathon, a warm-up to our first trail 50K of the year in June.

Workout Recap:

For those interested, I will post my specific workouts for the week below. I have chosen to take more of a "hybrid" approach to training. Though I believe strength training benefits all runners, and some form of cardiovascular training benefits all those who participate in bodybuilding, CrossFit, or powerlifting style workouts, it isn't as often that someone can stay really focused on both at the same time, and you don't have to. I do because:

  1. I love lifting weights and getting stronger.

  2. I notice myself more prone to injury when I don't lift. And not just lift, but lift heavy.

  3. I love running and the fact that it gets me outside, especially when the weather is the way it currently is.

  4. I believe, at my core, that everyone should be practicing some form of strength training, for as long as they physically can.

Naturally, I progress through phases of more lifting/more running. For example in 2021/22 my training phases were:

Nov 21-Feb 22 lifting 4 times a week, running 2 days a week

Mar 22-Oct 22 lifting 2-3 days a week and running 4-5 days a week.

Nov 22-Jan 23 6 days lifting and 1 day of running

Feb 23-Mar 23 4 days of lifting, 3 days of running

Currently, I am transitioning to 2-3 times a week of lifting. This is hard for me to cut back because I love working out in the gym, but I am doing my best to maintain my strength and keep my body healthy to support my running goals. I will cap my running at 4 days a week for the sake of my knees!

Nutrition Recap:

I have no real nutrition highlights this week. My eating is pretty standard and consistent and when my running is as high as it is (30 miles last week, 34 miles this week) and my job keeps me moving, I simply listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry. After last week's 19-mile run, I was feeling much hungrier on Monday and Tuesday and then settled back to normal. I ate more meals out this past week and we didn't have our kids at home. So overall I feel like I haven't done as much cooking as I usually do. During my 20-mile run today I consumed about 500-600 calories and 3-20oz bottles of fluids. More wat

er than last week but less food. I felt good! See my 20-mile run recap here.

If you missed my IG reel yesterday, I shared one of my favorite recipes for homemade peanut butter.

This Week's Runs (34 miles)

Wednesday: 60 Minute Tempo Run (6.75 miles) I did have to make a pit stop for food because I found myself abnormally hungry only 2 miles in. Thankfully I stopped at my mom's store and stole a cliff bar.

Thursday: 60 Minute Treadmill Intervals w/ Sam. This was a cardio + strength workout where we took turns doing 1-minute sprints while the other person did pull-ups and push-ups, then switch. For 15 intervals.

Saturday: 60 Minute Recovery Run turned into a 45-minute recovery run in the wind/hail/snow storm. The worst.

Sunday: 20 Mile Run! 3 hours and 20 minutes, at a comfortable zone 2 pace.

This Week's Strength Workouts

What's Next?

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